How did you decide that you wanted to become self-employed?

We decided we wanted to become self-employed due to the lack of jobs we would actually like to work. All of the partners here previously worked at a doggy day care and it was our dream job. So we decided to do what we loved.


What did the business plan help you with?

We already had a fairly concrete business plan before we came to LEDCOM as we had been planning for quite a long time, and along with that we attended the Prince's Trust Enterprise course to make sure we had a good grasp on what we needed. However, going through LEDCOM helped us feel a lot more confident about opening as they went over our financials and told us everything we would need to know about opening a business such as licenses, building control, environmental health, the council and rates just to name a few.


What made you choose to locate in Bank Road?

We chose to open at Ledcom on the Bank Road due to a lack of property for this sort of business, we were really grasping for anything suitable and Ledcom happened to be perfect (excluding an outdoor area but apart from an open field there was literally nothing else available)


How is your business doing? Do you have any plans for the future?

Our business is thriving! We had many doubts when opening such as, ‘Is there really a demand for this type of service?’ ‘Would people be willing to pay the amount we need to keep our doors open and make a wage?’ We were terrified of there being fights with new dogs but everything has gone perfectly. Every week we meet new customers and we've never had any issues with any of the dogs so we've just had constant growth. As far as plans for the future we have too many ideas. We would like to be a one stop shop for everything dog, such as a groomer on site, a shop selling everything a dog owner would ever need, quarterly vet check ins to make sure everyone is healthy, a dog cafe and our own brand of raw feeding and treats. But first on our mind is expansion, we'd love to open another branch in Carrickfergus or Newtownabbey and make a name for ourselves across the UK.

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