So, when I was due to start with Horan Engineering, 3 ½ years ago, I was about to become the 3rd full time member of staff. Since the main office was based in Chester and I wasn’t going to move to England, I was supposed to work from home but I contacted LEDCOM to enquire about an affordable office space just on the off chance as I liked the thought of having a place of work away from the hustle and bustle of home and I wanted that separation between home and work, I have 3 kids so home was not going to be a quiet place to work!


Larne was the chosen location primarily because I am from Larne but it was also a strategic location logistically. The work we do requires us to travel all round the UK and Ireland. We are 30 minutes from both airports, can get pretty much anywhere in Ireland within 4 hours and we can be in Scotland in 2 hours with the ferry, in the comfort of our vehicles and all our equipment!


Ideally, I wanted a small office as it was only for me but the only office available at the time was Unit A8a which as you know is one of the largest. LEDCOM were excellent with their support and offered me a reduced rate on the large office to enable me to get going with an office space of which I spent 1 ½ years in on my own and then within 2 years of taking on the 2nd NI employee we are up to 4 and plan on adding to it before the year is out as we are continually growing our customer base both in Ireland and the UK. We are preparing for solar projects to take off in the South of Ireland and will use the Larne office as the HQ for these works. In preparation for this we have also opened an office in Limerick which will be managed from here.


In addition to adding employees in the Larne office we have also expanded in Chester with several new recruits likely to be joining there by the end of the year also.


Both offices work extremely closely and I spend a lot of my time in the UK carrying out some of the specialist consulting work we do with the others guys from the NI office helping out across the water from time to time as well. It is safe to say that the growth of the office and business in Ireland has helped the company as a whole to grow and flourish.


Gordon Millar – Horan Power Engineering Ltd

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