LEDCOM Targets for Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Review Date

3rd September 2019

2019 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Highlights

In November 2019, LEDCOM undertook its annual customer satisfaction survey of customers regarding the customer service provided by LEDCOM staff. The results of the survey are as follows:

Number of surveys issued: 150

Respondents: 38

Results summary:

On average 87.5% of customers answered the annual customer satisfaction survey with excellent, very good, strongly agree, yes, or expectations exceeded responses (LEDCOM 2019 Target – more than 75%)


On average 11.9% of customers answered the annual customer satisfaction survey with good, satisfactory, agree, neither, or expectations achieved responses (LEDCOM 2019 Target – at most 29%)


On average 0.6% of customers answered the annual customer satisfaction survey with unsatisfactory, disagree, disagree strongly, no, or expectations not achieved responses (LEDCOM 2019 Target – less than 14%)

Actions Arising from Customer Involvement

• To allow extra time for practical application of learning achieved during workshops

• To dedicate a primary contact to each tenant so as to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Key Performance Indicators

LEDCOM has a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are reviewed on a regular basis. We are interested in seeking customer feedback and would like information on which KPI themes  (listed below) our customers would regard as most important.


KPI Themes

• To be a sustainable and successful social enterprise with an emphasis on customer service, quality assurance and people development


• To develop and deliver initiatives which promote economic growth and regeneration leading to employment opportunities  in local communities


• To focus on the development and growth of entrepreneurship and self employment , through micro enterprises, small businesses and social enterprises


• To encourage and facilitate the start up and growth of  knowledge based and external sales focussed enterprises


• To research, evaluate and develop  social enterprises, including joint ventures, which meet needs and realise market opportunities


• To develop facilities and services  which support small business and social enterprise start-up and growth as well as attracting inward investment


• To develop training and work experience opportunities for unemployed people to help upskill them and improve their employment prospects


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