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A local economic development company with community at its heart

LEDCOM is a social enterprise which inspires business growth in the community by nurturing entrepreneurs and businesses at all stages of their journey.

Who we are?

Meet our team of individuals who are committed to providing quality, professional services, tailored to your individual needs.

Our Mission

Within LEDCOM, we focus on developing our local economy by nurturing start-ups and businesses in their journey to success and providing complete professional services for all in our community.

Our History


LEDCOM was officially established.




Willowbank Business Park was officially opened.

1,418 individuals helped

135 social enterprise start-ups supported and assisted

82 individuals helped into employment and education

LEDCOM celebrated thirty years of service.

Social Impact

As one of Northern Ireland’s leading social enterprises, LEDCOM is a centre of excellence for economic development and enterprise. The LEDCOM Charity Group includes LEDCOM, Business Led and Heritage Experience.


Their services focus around three core areas: start-up and growth, property and conferencing and community engagement. These services are designed to provide the highest level of support for all businesses whilst nurturing and developing the local community.


LEDCOM is recognised as a key player in terms of economic growth and employment in the region.

Our Team

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